On a beautiful property along the shores of Lake Norman, near Charlotte, North Carolina, two sculptors from The Haen Gallery created a commissioned installation that is sure to amaze generations to come.

The first half of the project was the brainchild of sculptor Dana Gingras, who loosely based the work on the ancient megalithic structures of Pumapunku and Tiwanaku, built 5000 years ago in Bolivia. Entitled “When Men Were Giants,” the three structures, towering to a height of over 30 feet, beg the viewer to question what exactly the structures, installed to look like ancient relics, are meant to be. Power generators? Water pumps? Maybe astrological sun gates worshipping the gods, or trail markers? Whatever they are, they appear built by an ancient people and long abandoned.

And the people who created these structures? That is where J. Aaron Alderman’s “People of the Reflected Sky” joins the installment. His three figures stand 11′ to 12′ tall each, lean and supple with strong, powerful backs and shoulders; these titans could easily have created the massive pieces that are “When Men Were Giants.”

Alderman drew inspiration from the theme that Gingras had begun, but was also inspired from his own experiences, including works of literature and a trip to the Cahokia Mounds outside St. Louis, Missouri.

Emerging from the trees on the property, the giants move toward the structures they have created. The female, the matriarch, leads the way while a young male follows her, and the patriarch brings up the rear, glancing to the side and behind as he walks. In spite of their size, all three have intricate detailing… beads of welds create tattoos and jewelry on their chests, metal bracelets adorn their wrists, while copper details on the hands and feet and copper headpieces add a beautiful addition to each figure.

Together, these two sculpture commissions create one very powerful and utterly unique environment. The clients look forward to walking amongst the giants for years to come. They have turned the whole of their property into a magnificent sculpture garden with other pieces placed throughout and will also use the property as a place where young people from a variety of local organizations can visit, learn, and be inspired.

The Haen Gallery is proud to be the conduit for incredible projects like this, assisting the client in finding the perfect artist and perfect sculpture for their property. For more information on a personalized commission, please contact us by clicking here.


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