Current Exhibition

“A Summer Configuration”
Introducing Joyce Garner and featuring new work by Ursula Gullow and Tim Anderson

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Joyce Garner
 documents her rich inner world (a world of acrobats, wanderers, animals, magic, city and forest) in large, vividly-pigmented surrealist paintings. Garner is a self-taught artist. The painterliness and scope of her work reflects deep study of various forerunners—Cassatt, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall. More contemporary influences are Grace Hartigan, Paula Rego, Juan Muñoz, and Roy DeForest. Her ambitions for her work are shaped by how she uses art in her personal life; she prefers art which rewards extended meditative contemplation. “I love to sit in front of a piece in the mornings with a cup of hot tea in my hands, and let my mind go. I want art that gives me a place to go.” Her paintings move and refresh the viewer’s eye with evocative details, veiled layers of paint, and patterns that undulate.

Join The Haen Gallery as we present the work of Joyce Garner as well as new work by Asheville artist Ursula Gullow and Chicago artist Tim Anderson. Gullow’s gestural approach to paint lends itself to visceral and colorful subject matter, figures painted just enough to catch the essential gesture, character and movement. Anderson’s paintings “are about people and events that have come into my world through reading, research and coincidence. The paintings are part of an exploration of human drama — all of them. Not so much about good and evil, but the gray spaces in between.”