Current Exhibition

Wintertide: A Group Show
in Asheville

Introducing Luigi Gatti and with new work by
Larry Gray, Valerio D’Ospina, Ursula Gullow, Alicia Armstrong, Colby Caldwell, Dana Gingras, Francis di Fronzo, and Mark Carter

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February 25th through March 31st
Opening Reception Saturday, February 25th from 5:30–7:30pm in Asheville

We are proud to present “Wintertide: A Group Show” with the opening reception on Saturday, Feburary 25th from 5:30-7:30pm in our Asheville gallery. The exhibition will run through the end of March.

“Wintertide” will introduce Luigi Gatti, an Italian painter whose work depicts stories of small, private moments. The twilight effect captured in each piece is not just conveyed through the light and the oxidized, scraped colors, but also through an atmosphere that is suspended somewhere between myth and melancholy. Each is a short story that attempts to explain the inexplicable: the charm and the mystery of life.

New work by Haen Gallery artists Larry Gray, Valerio D’Ospina, Colby Caldwell, Ursula Gullow, Alicia Armstrong, Francis Di Fronzo, Dana Gingras, and Mark Carter will also be presented in this stunning collection of oil paintings, photography, and sculpture.

A note from Gallery Director Chris Foley: “I’m very excited about this show. Our artists continually amaze me with their ability to develop and grow in their expressiveness. With the introduction of new artists and new art, the range and level of quality will be remarkable. Don’t miss this one!”