Current Exhibition


“Wintertide 2018 – A Group Show”


Featuring new work by J. Aaron Alderman, Galen Frost Bernard, Lynn Boggess, Henry Callahan, Mark Carter, Larry Gray, Ursula Gullow, Stephen Pentak, Philippe Roussel, Angelita Surmon, and other gallery artists.

“I’m very excited about this show. Our artists continually amaze me with their ability to develop and grow in their expressiveness. The range and level of quality will be remarkable. Don’t miss this one!”
~Chris Foley, Gallery Director

Lynn Boggess:  An American Master

18September2017_40x46_webThe Haen Gallery, located in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, is proud to present Lynn Boggess: An American Master. The exhibition will have an artist’s reception on Saturday, October 28th from 5:30-7:30pm, and will run through November.

Lynn Boggess is one of the most unique and noteworthy American landscape painters of the 21st Century. He resides in West Virginia, a state whose diverse mountains, forests, and rivers provide abundant inspiration for the artist’s plein air paintings. In place of brushes he uses palette knives and trowels to thickly layer the broad sweeping strokes and exquisite fine detail that capture all the colors of the seasons in rushing rivers, snow covered hillsides, and thick forest vegetation. Mr. Boggess’ work is recognized internationally for its incredible three-dimensional texture, rendered solely in oils. These remarkable paintings combine elements of Abstract Expressionism and Photorealism to create a style that is totally unique and original.

“I’m not one to use the word ‘master’ lightly. But for decades Lynn Boggess has produced compelling paintings at such a consistently high level that I am completely comfortable describing him as such. His work is unmistakably original and truly groundbreaking. He has transcended the genre of landscape painting and created a unique, authentic vision of the natural world.” ~ Chris Foley, Gallery Director