Rusty Wolfe Biography

“As a self-taught artist, woodworker, designer, musician, songwriter, and entrepreneur, I have learned that the only boundaries are those that are self-imposed. Diagnosed with a severe case of dyslexia at an early age, I have realized that my disability is actually a gift, for the conventional way of learning has never been an option; I rely on my own inventiveness to show me the way. My work is a product of the ability to open new doors where both visual creativity and inventiveness come together.”

Minimalist sculptures and colorful paintings reveal the multi talented nature of self-taught artist Rusty Wolfe. Growing up in Lexington, Massachusetts Wolfe had little exposure to the prominent artists that shaped modern art as we know it today. His art practice was largely intuitive, inspired by natural elements such as science and the environment as well as man- made structures. The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright was among his early interests. Wright was interested in building structures that complemented their natural environments, creating a harmony between nature and the man-made world. Wolfe was particularly intrigued with Wright’s cantilever elements whereby structures appeared with no visible means of support. This concept motivated Wolfe’s sculptures, which consist of elements that appear to levitate in space.

Wolfe’s paintings also take on a sculptural form with the use of multiple colors and layers. The repetitions of shapes are tied together with spatial symmetry. His forms are further defined by the deliberate shadows they cast upon the surfaces that surround them. A three dimensional quality is made possible through the layering of applications of paint followed by lacquer. Although they maintain a focus on line, shape and color, the works possess a depth that is far beyond the surface. Seeking to address the very make-up of our world: molecular structures, patterns in nature and man-made constructions are fundamental to these works.

Wolfe currently lives and paints in Nashville, Tennessee.