Mark A. Connelley Statement

As an artist, and in my life as a whole, I am strongly influenced by art, architecture, and themes from ancient times, particularly the megalithic man-made stone structures of the Celtic world. These forms, ideas, and images inspire me as I create sculpture in a manner that can be characterized as contemporary or even industrial, linking the past to the present.

I work primarily with steel, corten steel, bronze, cast iron, and other natural materials to create large-scale sculpture and integrated environments. I use these durable materials to convey a sense of permanence and purpose, and even if the purpose is not readily known, the form is understood as somehow familiar and necessary.

Balance is what I strive for in this work that incorporates a variety of forces, elements, and ideas. Tension versus harmony. Elegance versus brutal strength. Ancient versus modern. Tangible versus ethereal. I take pleasure in the study of these contrasts.

I also take pride in the craft of creation. I am obsessive about edges, finishes, and details. I do not believe that construction should every distract the viewer from the story that the sculpture has to tell.

Each of my pieces has a story. Each has a name and a voice that is unique and proud. They are influenced by time but are set in the present, history reimagined and a future full of possibility.