Marci Crawford Harnden Statement

“Between impulse and self imposed structure I consistently use botanical reference, skeletal tree forms and atmospheric light to express my aesthetic intentions. My passion for observation and experimental process is distilled into the illusions found in these works.
I intend to create an intimate sense of landscape as I push the scale to greater degrees. My intention is to feel enveloped and connected with nature, not to stand apart from it.

The tree forms continue to inspire me because they are universal, completely ordinary and extraordinary all in one. Trees are beautifully linear, gestured as the human body and they encompass the spectrum of frailty to monumental strength. When moving through a painting I engage myself philosophically and aesthetically with the coexistence of natural polarities. Examples of this would be: a delicate transient leaf and its’ counterpart the supporting solid trunk, or storm winds in contrast to human breath. As I consider these contrarieties my work flows between my real experience with natural environments and the process of painting abstract interpretations. The wisp of a brush stroke to a fluttering leaf, the gouge of a dry point line to a brittle tree limb, are types of ephemeral qualities perennial to my inspiration.

My processes are akin to mono printmaking and have led me in challenging and diverse directions. Basically it is a layering process of under painting, natural branch templates, dry point, enamel and oil washes, with additive and subtractive brushwork. I enjoy the anxiety and surprise as I work through the order, disorder and sequences of change. I am constantly pushing myself to observe, respond spontaneously and yet keep a Zen sense of formal balance.”