John Nelson Batovsky Statement

While working in the art industry for the past 24 years, I’ve always been fascinated with textures, relationships of color, the use of positive and negative space, and the use of art as a catalyst to evoke an emotional response.

My paintings employ design to generate tension and I use color for a release of that tension. I enjoy watching the art create itself layer after layer using newly discovered techniques while eliminating subject matter. Having no formal training, I can create in a manner that knows no bounds.

Fascination with textures, color relationships, the use of positive and negative space and the use of art as a catalyst for emotional response has been the force that propels me to make.

From my youth on the blustery shores of Lake Erie to happiness in the Carolina mountains, from playing my first guitar at age fourteen on a Florida beach to success in an LArecording studio, I have always been compelled to express my artistic nature. Now, framer by day and artist by night, I have never stopped pushing myself creatively.