Cathryn Miles Resume

MFA, University of Houston, Painting; Full Teaching Fellowship (Drawing)
BFA, Atlanta College of Art, Printmaking

Kennesaw State University/ School of Art and Design; 2006 – 2014: 2D Design and
Color Theory; Arts and Society
Georgia Perimeter College: 1994 – 2004: Painting, Drawing, Art Appreciation, 2D
Design and Color Theory
Art Institute of Atlanta: 1994 – 2006: 2D Design and Color Theory

Selected Exhibits
Shain Gallery, Charlotte NC: New Works – June 1 – 20, Two-person
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta GA: “Carpe Diem” – April 13 – May 8, Solo
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, GA: “Signs of Spring”- March 15 – April 15, Gallery
Studio E Gallery, Palm Beach Gardens, FL – Gallery Artists
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, GA: Cathryn Miles and Scott Upton/ New Works,
April – May, Two-person
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA: Introductions: Cathryn Miles, December 2-
31 2016 Palm Desert
Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC: “Breathing Space”, Feb. 6 – Mar. 30, Solo
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, GA: New Year/ New Works, Jan. 23 – Feb.28, Group
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta, GA: “Summer Pleasures”: June -July, Group
The State Capitol, Atlanta: “The Art of Georgia”, Aug. – Jan., Group
Watershed Gallery, Ridgefield, CT: “Certifiably Organic”, Sept. – Nov., Group
Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC: “The Great American Landscape”, Aug., Group
Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta: “Passages”, May, Two-person
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta: “Landscapes of the Mind”, Mar., Group
Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC: “Trees”, Oct., Group.
Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta: “Transcendence/ Contemporary Abstractions”, Mar., Group
Meyer Metro Gallery, Houston, TX: ” East Coast – West Coast/ Inner Mappings”, Mar.,
Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC: “Black, White & Color”, July, Group
Elder Gallery, Charlotte, NC: “American Woman”, Oct., Group
Adam Cave Fine Art, Raleigh, NC : “Dunlop and Miles/ New Terrain”, Oct., Two-person
dk Gallery, Marietta, Georgia: ” An Artist’s View”, Aug., Group
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta: “New Works”, July, Solo
Stonehenge Gallery, Montgomery, Alabama: “Cathryn Miles/ Mark Singer”, Oct., Twoperson
River Gallery, Chattanooga, TN: Oct., Two-Person
Stonehenge Gallery, Montgomery, Alabama: ” Cathryn Miles/ New Works”, Oct., Solo
Jules Place, Boston, Massachusetts: “People, Places & Things”, Sept., Group
Turner Center for the Arts, Valdosta, Georgia: Oct., Solo
Summit One Gallery, Highlands, NC, Group
Harold Washington College, Chicago, Illinois, Group
Summer House Gallery, Highlands, NC: “Territories”, June, Solo
Thomas Deans Fine Art, Atlanta: “Eternal Visions”, May, Solo
Imatra Art Museum, Imatra, Finland, Group
Kouvala Art Museum, Kouvala, Finland, Group
Callenwolde Fine Arts Center, Atlanta: “Topographical Views”, April, Solo
Clayton State College and University: Artist-in- Residence: 1995, 1998, 1999 and 2000
Georgia Perimeter College: Oct., Solo 1997 Instituto Tecnologico Automomo De
Mexico: “Hecho en Atanta”, April, Group
Aliya Gallery, Atlanta: “Recent Works”, Mar., Solo
Anthony Ardivan Gallery, Atlanta: “Yellow”, Jan. 1, Group

Selected Clients and Collections
Brightline, Tampa, Florida (Corporate Collection)
Art Institute of Atlanta (Permanent Collection)
Clayton State College and State University (Permanent Collection)
Capital City Club, Atlanta, Georgia
Georgia Perimeter College (Permanent Collection)
King and Spalding Law Firm, Atlanta (Permanent Collection)
Delta Airlines, Atlanta (Corporate Collection)
Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta
Jacqueline P. Lanham Interiors, Atlanta
Barkin-Leeds, Ltd, Atlanta
Philip Sides Interiors, Montgomery, Alabama
Lobster Bar Sea Grille, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Mark Timothy Inc., (corporate collection) Boca Raton, FL
Senator Albert Gore, Nashville, TN