Angela Black Statement

Since I can remember I have been a collector of rocks, odd shaped tree parts, and any other trinket nature left that begged to be picked up while walking through the woods. In my sculptures I like to focus on the nature of trees and their subtle, yet profound, energies. I am drawn to the nuance of each tree, the smell, the texture, and even the little treasures I find within them to tell me a bit about their history.

In my latest pieces, I have been using an ancient Japanese technique, Shou Sugi Ban, to preserve the wood by charring it. I carve in the round, but then semi hollow out one side and torch it. I love the charred ebony texture of the burnt wood juxtaposed with the freshly oiled luster of the grain showing on the opposite side.

My formal training as a sculptor was largely in clay and stone, but when the challenge of giving a fallen tree, with all of its majestic warmth and history, a new purpose and appreciation… I truly found the medium that allows me the greatest personal rewards.  The tree’s body itself provides me a perfect mirror into the natural stages of life and death, guiding my own body to carve organic aspects of the human figure trapped within that same circle of eternal fate.

~ Angela Black