Angela Black Joins Gallery

We are proud to announce that Tennessee-based sculptor Angela Black has joined our gallery.

Black’s sensual sculptures are hewn and masterfully sculpted from carefully chosen woods such as walnut, maple, oak and cherry. Black chooses to carve aspects of the human figure from the wood as she believes the tree perfectly mirrors the stages of our own cycle of life and death.

In her latest pieces, Black has been using an ancient Japanese technique, Shou Sugi Ban, to preserve the wood by charring it. She carves in the round, but then semi hollows out one side and torches it. She loves the charred ebony texture of the burnt wood juxtaposed with the freshly oiled luster of the grain showing on the opposite side.

Angela Black is an American artist who has lived in Provincial France, urban New York, and sprawling Los Angeles. She currently lives and works in rural Tennessee with her son and their dog Buckley. She received her BFA from California State University, Long Beach, and continued her studies at Paul Cezanne University in Provence, France.

See more of her work here, or in person at our Brevard gallery.